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Seniors Recreation Services Plan 
Halifax Parks & Recreation is in the process of developing a Seniors Recreation Services Plan. This project is aimed at shaping the municipality's recreation programs and services for seniors for the next five years. Seniors groups and individuals will be actively involved in creating this plan, and a Seniors Recreation Advisory Group will be established to provide leadership and support to staff during the strategic planning process.

Seniors Recreation Advisory Group

The Seniors Recreation Advisory Group is a team of residents aged 60 and above from all over the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). This group is leading the development of the Seniors Recreation Services Plan and ensuring that the key priorities accurately reflect the needs of the senior population in the municipality. This group will help in the creation of a municipality-wide survey, analyze data to determine key issues and guide the recommendations that will make up the final plan. The group will meet regularly throughout the engagement process. 
Applications for joining this team have now closed. 

Projected Timeline

Where are we right now?
We are currently in Phase 2, the formation of the Seniors Recreation Advisory Group.

PHASE 0: Research (September 2023 - February 2024)
Conduct research on senior recreation services in HRM by interviewing local service providers and analyzing national trends. 

PHASE 1: Interviewing seniors groups and service providers. (Continuous)
Do you know of a group or organization that supports older populations (60+)? We want to talk to them! E-mail your suggestion to seniors@halifax.ca 

PHASE 2: Seniors Recreation Advisory Group (April 2024)
The Seniors Advisory Group will be formed. This group will create a survey based on input from the community, service providers and research. 

PHASE 3: HRM Wide Survey (June 2024 - November 2024)
The Seniors Recreation Services Survey will be distributed to seniors in HRM through various methods, including paper, electronic / online, and in-person engagements.

PHASE 4: Public Engagement (June 2024 - March 2025) 
The Seniors Recreation Advisory Group, along with seniors from different parts of HRM, will collaborate to analyze the survey results and determine the key issues, strategic visions, and goals. Seniors will participate in workshops and events to identify the goals and actions that should be taken to address these key issues.

PHASE 5: Seniors Recreation Services Plan Draft Document (March 2025-June 2025)
Once all the data is collected, the Senior Recreation Advisory Group will identify the key issues, vision, mission, objectives, and action items for the creation of the Senior Recreation Services Plan.

PHASE 6: Final Document, Implementation & Evaluation Plans (Late 2025)
The plan for Senior Recreation Services will be developed and shared with stakeholders for feedback, followed by the implementation and evaluation plan by the staff.

PHASE 7: Public Launch (Late 2025)
There will be an open house launch event for the Senior's Recreation Services Plan.



Please contact the Community Developer, by emailing at seniors@halifax.ca or calling/texting 902-233-8129.

Senior's Recreation Services Plan / Please contact the Community Developer, by emailing at seniors@halifax.ca or calling 902-233-8129.