Inclusion and Accessibility for Recreation Programs

A group of inclusion support workers huddles together with children

Parks and Recreation invites individuals of all abilities to participate in our recreation and leisure programs. The municipality is committed to providing safe and accessible programs for everyone to enjoy. We recognize that some of our residents will require assistance to participate via adapted equipment, program modification, and/or through the provision of one-to-one Inclusion support.

Throughout the year, if you or a family member requires assistance to participate, please call your local recreation centre directly to schedule a meeting to discuss available supports. View our Inclusion Process brochure. You can also read about other opportunities available through the municipality's Affordable Access Program. 

For information on inclusive sport and recreation opportunities throughout the province, check out our Playbook

Inclusion Request Procedures - Summer 2024

The municipality is committed to providing safe & accessible programs for everyone to enjoy.

If your child requires one-to-one inclusion support, please register your child under the course code (00081986) for all sites across Halifax Regional Municipality. Please note all registrations go through the Inclusion Office, which is located at the Captain William Spry Centre. This barcode is only meant to be used when requesting one-on-one support to participate in summer camps and Ready for Rec

When you sign up, you will be asked to identify your top three weeks in priority and any additional weeks you would like to request. The barcode has reached maximum capacity and is now closed.  You can still sign up for the waitlist until May 29, 2024. Please be aware that signing up on the waitlist does not guarantee programming. 

We will make every effort to accommodate as many requests as possible using available resources. When signing up, please identify your first and second location choices. When supports are confirmed you will be notified by your local Community Recreation Coordinator to provide payment and complete an intake form with staff prior to camp starting. Please note not all facilities offer summer camps all eight weeks. Please check with your preferred facility.

Inclusion Support Procedures - Fall, Winter & Spring

Recreation programs

When registering for your program, please choose “yes” to the question “Does my child need one-to-one support to participate”. Once  you register, please call the Recreation Centre as soon as possible to ensure staff can be secured. Please note availability to offer inclusion support is based upon the ability to find qualified staff.

You will be contacted and asked to complete an intake form to ensure the staff have the most up-to-date information about your child and their level of support.

Please note: We do not provide support for personal care during our Fall/Winter/Spring programs (with the exception of full-day PD and March break camps). If your child requires personal care, you will need be available to assist them during the program.

Aquatic Programs

If your child requires extra support due to a disability, you will need to register your child for “Inclusion Swimming Lessons”. These lessons are available at all municipally operated pools (Captain William Spry, Needham, Sackville Sports Stadium). These lessons are designed as one-to-one and adapted to meet the needs of your child.

If the lessons are full on registration day, please put yourself on the waitlist. Lessons may become available. You will be contacted to do a brief intake to ensure that the staff have the most up-to-date information about your child and their level of support.

Tutorial - How to Request a Summer Camp with Inclusion Support:

Rec inclusion support - online booking process

Frequently asked questions about recreation accessibility & inclusion

What types of supports do you offer?

The municipality is committed to providing safe and accessible programs for everyone to enjoy. We recognize that some of our residents require assistance to participate via adapted equipment, program modification, and/or through the provision of one-to-one Inclusion support.

How do I know if my child will need extra one-to-one support?
  • Is extra support required at school and/or in the community?
  • Is extra help required at home for basic care?
  • Is there an existing physical, medical, behavioral and/or developmental disability that could affect the safety of the participant and/or other participants?
Can I arrange to bring our own support person?

Yes, however we recommend you contact your local Community Recreation Centre to discuss this option further.

How long does it take to process my request for support?

Fall/Winter/Spring Programming
Recreation Centres require at least two weeks of notice to conduct an intake and secure the appropriate resources. If you have not heard from your program two weeks before the start date, please call the front desk and request to speak with the coordinator.

Is there anything that your staff cannot provide?

Municipal staff are not qualified to carry out procedures such as catherization, tube feeding, suctioning, injections, and/or managing aggressive behaviors. In these cases, we require families to make the appropriate arrangements. Please contact your local Recreation Centre for a full copy of the policy. For programs under two hours in Fall/Winter/Spring season, inclusion staff are not able to provide support for any type of personal care. Caregivers need to be available should that need arise.

Is there a recommended program for those new to recreation programs or who require one-to-one support?

The municipality is pleased to offer a new inclusion opportunity for children with higher support needs called Ready for Rec. Please visit our webpage or contact for more information.

Ready for Rec

Ready for Rec programs are designed for children and youth who have diverse needs and require additional supports to be successful in a recreation environment. The focus is on accommodations, adaptations, and small participant to instructor ratios to support individual skills and learning styles. This program is delivered by trained staff and volunteers. Learn more!

More Information

If you require more information on Inclusion, please contact your local Community Recreation Centre or the Inclusion and Access Specialist at