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The municipality’s social media channels exist so you can communicate and engage with each other and municipal staff about municipal programs, services, and initiatives. Follow or like these social media accounts to get up to date information.


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Halifax Regional Municipality

Social Media Usage Guidelines

The municipality is committed to making our social media channels a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Before posting on our social media channels, please familiarize yourself with our social media usage guidelines. Violating these can result in comment/ post removal.

The comments, opinions and other materials posted on the municipality’s social media channels are the sole responsibility of the individual submitting the postings. The Halifax Regional Municipality does not endorse, nor is it responsible for, any of the postings, comments, opinions or other submissions ("User Submissions") on these sites and expressly disclaims any and all liability in connection with User Submissions.

The Halifax Regional Municipality strongly encourages users of its social media sites to respect their fellow users.

Comments that are offensive, rude in tone, or abusive will not be tolerated. Comments, discussion posts, wall posts and any other user-posted content that is deemed inappropriate by the municipality, in its sole discretion, will be removed from the page. The municipality also reserves the right to monitor and remove, edit or refuse comments that meet any of the following conditions:

  • contrary to the principles of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • racist, hateful, sexist, homophobic, slanderous, insulting, or life-threatening messages
  • serious, unproven or inaccurate accusations against individuals or organizations
  • aggressive, coarse, violent, obscene, or pornographic comments
  • messages where the sender is not the author
  • comments not related to the original topic, including random or unintelligible comments
  • defamatory or personal attacks
  • messages for advertising purposes
  • messages that are political or partisan in nature
  • repetitive content

Sharing third-party content

The municipality thanks those submitting requests but reserves the right to not share information from third-party organizations on its social media channels. If information is shared from a third-party (e.g. Share function on Facebook or Retweet function on Twitter) this does not constitute municipal endorsement of the event, initiative or organization. Note: The municipality is not responsible for the content or accuracy of third-party information shared via its social media channels.