Cole Harbour Recreation Centre

The exterior front entrance of the Cole Harbour Rec Centre with a white car parked in front

The Cole Harbour Recreation Centre will be relocating to an independent space within the Cole Harbour Place facility in January 2025. The Centre must relocate because it is currently operating on private land, which has been sold without the possibility for a lease renewal. The CHRC Centre will continue to offer programs and services at its current location.

We understand the Cole Harbour Recreation Centre is part of the fabric of the community and an important space for members’ physical, mental, and social well-being. The goal is to continue offering this same experience at the new location and throughout the community while providing an opportunity for more recreation offerings.

The municipality is committed to keeping residents engaged and informed. If you have a comment or question, there are various ways to get in touch:

To stay informed, check this page often, follow @hfxrec on Facebook, or connect with us by email

Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening to the Cole Harbour Recreation Centre?

The Cole Harbour Recreation Centre will be relocating to an independent space within the Cole Harbour Place facility in January 2025. The Centre must relocate because it is currently operating on private property, which has been sold without the possibility for a lease renewal. The new Cole Harbour Community Recreation will continue to offer recreation programs and services within the Cole Harbour Place facility, while maintaining community-driven recreation programs and services separate from Cole Harbour Place.

Will I be able to use my HRM account to access Cole Harbour Place programs?

Yes. You can use the same account to access Cole Harbour Place and as well as any other HRM Recreation Facility. However, registration for Cole Harbour Place programs cannot be done at Cole Harbour Recreation Centre space and vice versa.

Does the HRM Affordable Access Program or employee discounts apply to Cole Harbour Place Programming?

No. The HRM Affordable Access Program does not apply to Multi-district facilities, such as Cole Harbour Place. Please contact Cole Harbour Place directly, to find out about their access options. HRM Employee discounts also do not apply at Cole Harbour Place.

Will I have to purchase a Cole Harbour Place Membership to access the HRM Recreation Programs?

No. HRM Recreation and Cole Harbour Place are separate entities and will remain separate with this move. You can participate in HRM Recreation programs without a Cole Harbour Place Membership.

Will Cole Harbour Recreation Centre continue to offer the same programming?

For the most part yes. It is HRM’s intention to maintain as many of the current programs as possible as well as to offer new programs. Some programs may take place at satellite locations. All programs that currently are offered at schools in the community will continue as they are.

Will program fees continue to increase due to the relocation?

No. Our program fees will not be affected by the move and will continue to follow the HRM Administrative order and Fee By-law as approved by Regional Council.

Will Cole Harbour Recreation Staff lose their jobs due to the relocation?

No. All staff will have the opportunity to continue instructing their current courses. 

Can I book ice times or public swims through Cole Harbour Recreation Centre?

No. Cole Harbour Place bookings, including the arenas and pool will continue to be done through Cole Harbour Place.

Will community members be issued membership cards to enter the facility?

No. Memberships will not be necessary to enter the HRM Recreation space of the building. Cole Harbour Place members will not be affected by this move.

If I have more questions or concerns, who do I contact?

If you have further questions, please contact Cole Harbour Recreation Center at


1216 Cole Harbour Road
Cole Harbour, NS
B2V 1E9


Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m.–4:00 p.m.
Additional evening and weekend hours based on scheduled programming.


Contact Information

Phone: 902.490.4711
Fax: 902.860.4576

Transit Routes

401 - Under 5 min. walk
59, 159, 179 - Under 5 min. walk

View route schedules

Facility Description

The Cole Harbour Recreation Centre has:

  • meeting room
  • activity room
  • multi-purpose room
  • kitchen facilities
  • two bathrooms with showers
  • registration office
  • community developer office

Programs Offered

Visit to see upcoming programs in Cole Harbour and surrounding communities. 

Free Equipment Available

  • snowshoes
  • various sports equipment

 Room Rental Fees

Cole Harbour Recreation Centre Room Rental Fees

Fees listed are per hour + HST. Fees in effect: April 1, 2023-March 31, 2024
Room Classification Adult Youth Community
Room Classification Adult Youth Community
Kitchen Room - Class C $20.40 $10.20 $10.20
Dance Studio Room - Class B $25.50 $12.75 $12.75
Multipurpose Room Room - Class B $25.50 $12.75 $12.75
Information on User Group Categories

Youth Rates: Individuals up to and including 18 years of age. An affiliated youth sports team A sports team, 90% of whose players are 18 years of age or younger

Corporate Rates: Users who are renting on behalf of a for-profit business or entity

Community Rates: Non-profit Co-operatives Non-profit Societies Registered Charitable Organizations  & Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association

Adult Rates: Individuals who are 19 years of age or older University, college, or post-secondary educational institution teams/groups

How to Book

Before you apply for a Recreation Centre rental, download and complete a facility rental request form.

One-time bookings: For a one-time booking (birthday party, meeting, wedding, tournament, special event), contact the recreation centre directly with the completed form.

Recurring bookings: For seasonal recurring bookings, email a completed application form to the Booking Contact person indicated in the Recreation Centre Listing chart on the Recreation Centre Booking & Rentals web page.

Recurring Booking Contact: Applications can be submitted by email to Linda Simmonds or call 902-943-0689 or email Brittany Pottie or call 902-943-3680.