Get Active

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Get active by building more physical activity & wellness initiatives into your day for a host of feel good benefits.

Below is a collection of activities you can do!


Intro to Pickleball with Katelyn

Intro to Pickleball with Katelyn

Intro to basketball with Heather

Learn some basic basketball moved with Heather!

Rec at Home | Intro to basketball with Heather

City Scavenger Hunt

Save this scavenger hunt image and go explore the city!

Save this image and complete a nature scavenger hunt in a park near you!

Group Size: 1+ people

Goal: Find as many items on the scavenger hunt as possible

Set up:

  • Print out one the image, or write down the list on a piece of paper
  • Put on some comfy shoes, sun protection and get outside!

How to Play:

  • Work as a team or individually to find the items on the two different scavenger hunts we’ve created
  • If you complete ours, test your creative skills and create your own to go out and try!
Rec at Home | City Scavenger Hunt
Get Active | Hula Hoop Frisbee Golf

Hula Hoop Frisbee Golf

Group Size: 1+ people

Goal: The goal is to get as many points as you can with 10 throws

Set up:

  • Place multiple Hula Hoops on the ground at the back of your yard/open space
  • Label each Hula Hoop with a different point value, generally the ones farther away are worth more points
  • Grab a Frisbee (Or other items such as bean bags)
  • Create a line where each thrower is to stand behind (depending on skill level/ages this line can be moved closer or farther from the hoops)

How to Play:

  • Take turns throwing the Frisbee and add the points to your score each time you land the frisbee in a hula hoop.
  • You can work together to see how high you can get your score after 10 throws each, and try again to beat your first score
  • You can challenge the other player to see who will get the most points in 10 throws, and the person with the most points wins
Get Active | Sock Hockey

Sock Hockey

Group Size: 2+ people

Goal:  Play an indoor game of hockey with a pair of socks and a broom

Set up:

  • Clear an open space such as a living room, hallway, or garage to create a playing area
  • Use household objects like pillows to mark off nets for each team
  • Grab a pair of socks and a broom for each player
  • Fold your pair of socks into a ball and use it like a hockey puck
  • Determine a number of points to win the game for example, the first team to 10 points win

How to Play:

  • Like a typical game of hockey, take turns passing the socks to your teammate and try to score on the opposing net
  • The first team to the set amount of points wins
Get Active | Balloon Tennis

Balloon Tennis

Group Size: 2-4 people

Goal:  Play an indoor game of tennis with a balloon and some rackets

Set up:

  • Clear an open space such as a living room, hallway, or garage to create a playing area
  • Create a line on the floor with objects such as pillows to mark off a net
  • Blow up a balloon to be your tennis ball
  • Grab rackets such as tennis rackets, badminton rackets, or ping pong paddles
  • Determine a number of points to win the game, for example the first person to 10 points wins

How to Play:

  • Like a typical game of tennis, hit the balloon back and forth across the net.
  • If the balloon drops, the player to have hit the balloon over the net wins a point
  • The first team to 10 points wins
Get Active | Towel Volley Ball

Towel Volley Ball

Group Size: 4+ People

Goal: The goal of the game is to launch the ball over the net and catch it with the towel on the other side.  

Set up:

  • Depending on the size of your group, you will need two towels or two blankets, a ball,  a net and pencil and paper to keep score.  If you do not have a net, you can use your clothesline or a tie a rope between two trees.  A simple line made on the ground with a stick, chalk or rope would work as well.
  • Decide on the boundaries of your playing area and the number of points it will take to win the game.

How to Play:

  • Divide your group into two teams.
  • Each player takes two corners of the towel and pulls it tight. 
  • Placing the ball on the towel, the team launches the ball over the barrier.
  • The opposing team attempts to catch the ball with the towel and launch it back over the net.
  • A Point is awarded: to the launching team if the opposing team fails to catch the ball and the ball returns to the launching team.
  • A point is award to the opposing team if the ball is launched outside of the agreed upon boundary.  The ball remains with this team to launch back.
  • A point is awarded to the opposing team if the launching team fails to get the ball over the barrier; the ball is then given to the opposing team.
  • The game is over when the first team reaches the agreed upon number of points to win.

Activity/Craft disclaimer

These online recreation programming sessions are hosted by the municipality to promote online learning, have some fun, learn something new, and challenge your mind. These sessions are “use at your own risk,” so don’t work beyond your capability and seek help if you need it. Remember, safety first! If you choose to share your or your family’s results online, please do so responsibly and safely. We hope you enjoy this free programming.