Emera Oval Group Bookings

Group bookings are available at the Emera Oval. This includes school skating trips for children and youth. To book a group visit, complete the following information and submit to skateHRM@halifax.ca at least two weeks before you wish to book a group. Emera Oval staff will follow up to confirm the booking. Group bookings are limited to 75 people in order to accommodate equipment constraints.

  • Date
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • How many individuals (children & adults)
  • Age range of children (if applicable)
  • Organization name
  • Contact name and phone number

Click here for Emera Oval rules and regulations and for other information about the facility.

Borrowing Equipment 

Equipment is available to borrow but is limited and cannot be reserved in advance. Groups, including students and school visits, should bring their own equipment wherever possible. You must bring a valid ID to borrow equipment.

Equipment includes:

  • Rollerblades
  • Skateboards
  • Scooters
  • Helmets
  • Protective Gear
  • Skate aids (winter only)
  • Adaptive equipment and lift


If a group booking needs to cancel, try to provide as much advance notice as possible to ensure other groups can attend.

Before you head out to the Emera Oval, it’s always a good idea to double check the schedule or call the Emera Oval Hotline at 902.490.2347 to see if we are open. Reasons for closures and cancellations may include:

  • Ice conditions
  • Storm days (schools are closed)
  • Weather
  • Temperatures
  • Rain

Safety Precautions for Group Visits

Helmets are mandatory for all users of the Emera Oval. Children 12 years and under must wear a CSA-approved multi-impact helmet (hockey helmet).

For summer visits, helmets are required for all individuals biking, scootering, skateboarding, and skating. For additional information on helmet safety, visit the Province of Nova Scotia webpage on injury prevention and helmet use.  

For school visits, chaperones and teachers are required to accompany students while on and off the Emera Oval surface.

Planning Your Group's Visit to the Oval

There is no parking on site at the Emera Oval. Buses can drop off and pick up students on Cogswell Street (Westbound). Buses cannot enter the Emera Oval site.

When you arrive, check in at the office with the name of your school and the number of students attending, then proceed to benches and or line up for skates/helmets.

Special Rules for Group Booking Visits

In addition to following the Emera Oval rules and regulations, please follow the special rules on visits.

Please do not:

  • carry children in your arms, in a car carrier or in a baby Bjorn
  • use mp3 players, cell phones, or hand-held electronic devices
  • eat or drink on the ice or concrete surface
  • use inappropriate language or exhibit inappropriate behaviour