Transit Programs and Services

SmartTrip Program

The SmartTrip program allows participating employers to provide their employees with viable and sustainable transportation options; from walking, to cycling, to carpooling and public transit.

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EPass Program

The EPass program (part of the SmartTrip program) allows employees of participating employers to purchase annual Halifax Transit passes at a discounted rate via payroll deductions.

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Student Pass Pilot Program

The Student Pass Pilot Program allows students of participating high schools to utilize Halifax Transit's regular bus routes, Access-A-Bus and ferry service.

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Affordable Access Transit Pass Program

The Affordable Access Transit Pass Program allows Halifax residents living with low income to purchase monthly transit passes at a 50% discount.

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Rural Transit Funding Program

The Rural Transit Funding Program is a grants program through which rural transit operators can apply for funding to subsidize the cost of operating their service in Halifax.

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Seniors Services

Halifax Transit has several services that can assist seniors to get where they need to go and home safely.

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UPass Program

The UPass program allows students of participating educational institutions to utilize Halifax Transit's regular bus routes and ferry service during the school year.

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Discounted Transit Fares Programs

On December 14, 2021, Regional Council approved a change to Halifax Regional Municipality By-Law Number U-100 - Respecting User Charges, which now allows non-profit and registered charitable organizations, as well as event organizers to purchase discounted bulk transit fares through the following two programs:

Non-profit Organizations and Registered Charities Transit Fares Program

As one of the Discounted Transit Fares Programs, organizations that wish to purchase tickets for the purpose of distributing them free of charge to the individuals they serve will be eligible for a 50% discount for both Adult and Youth/Senior 10-ticket sheets (minimum purchase of 50 tickets). 

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Event Transit Fares Program

As one of the Discounted Transit Fares Programs, event organizers who are interested in having transit fees waived for ticket holders may now purchase bulk transit fares at a rate of $1.00 per event ticket for event attendees to travel to and from the event. 

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