Passenger Courtesy

Being considerate to your fellow passengers will help to ensure that everyone, including yourself, has a positive transit experience. Follow these tips to keep Halifax Transit rolling smoothly:

  • Have the correct fare (ticket, pass or cash) ready ahead of time.
  • Allow people to get off the bus before boarding.
  • Stand behind the yellow line on the floor of the bus and refrain from lengthy conversations with the Operator.
  • Always move to the back of the bus when boarding and upon Operator request to accommodate as many passengers as possible.  
  • Do not block or stand in doorways. This is for your safety and to allow other passengers to enter and exit quickly.
  • Share seats with those who may require them and if possible, offer your seat to a person who might need it, such as a senior citizen, a small child, a pregnant person, or a passenger with a disability. 
  • Ride quietly and respect the privacy and rights of other passengers.
  • Remove your backpack while on the bus and hold it in front of you to avoid accidently bumping into other passengers as you pass. 
  • Do not take up seats with backpacks, bags, or personal belongings, and keep aisles free of items.
  • Do not lie down or spread out on seats or benches provided for passengers waiting to board.
  • Respect those around you by keeping cell phone conversations to a minimum and at a low volume.
  • Use headphones when listening to music or personal audio and keep the volume down. 
  • Avoid wearing strongly scented perfumes and products for the sake of fellow passengers with allergies and scent sensitivities.