General Transit Feed Specification

About GTFS

General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) is a common data format for public transportation schedules and associated geographic information.

Halifax Transit has made both a static and a real-time feed available to the public. This information can be incorporated by third-party application developers to provide real-time departure information for Halifax Transit services.

The GTFS feeds (both static and real-time) can be accessed from the Halifax Transit Open Data page.

Third parties

The following is a list of third parties that have incorporated the GTFS static and real-time feeds from Halifax Transit. 

This is not a comprehensive list. There may be other third-party developers that have also incorporated one or both of the feeds available from Halifax Transit.

Note: Halifax Transit does not develop or provide any of the listed apps. Halifax Transit does not set any fees for, collect revenue from, or provide support for the following apps.

Third-party applications

Application Type More information
Application Type More information
Apple Maps OS X / Mobile (iOS only)
Bing Maps (static only) Desktop
Google Maps Desktop / Mobile (Android & iOS)
Moovit Desktop / Mobile (Android & iOS)
Rocketman Mobile (Android & iOS)
Transit App Mobile (Android & iOS)
TripGo Desktop / Mobile (Android & iOS)
Momego Mobile (Android & iOS)

Common questions

How do I know if I am seeing real-time or static schedule information?

Different applications have different ways to indicate if the information provided is static or real-time.

Real-time departure information appears in Google as coloured text. If the bus is on time, the departure time is displayed in green. If the bus is running late, the scheduled time is crossed out in the timeline and an updated departure time is displayed in red.

Can I see service notices/bulletins/alerts (e.g. detours, route changes, stop cancellations, etc.) on third-party apps?

Service alerts are now posted to Halifax Transit's GTFS real-time feed. Click here for more information. Different third-party apps may, or may not, include this information within the app.

Help! The app on my phone doesn't work. Do you support my transit mobile app? Why doesn't my transit mobile app work?

Unfortunately, Halifax Transit does not have the resources to offer support for third-party applications. Halifax Transit does not provide a mobile app; Halifax Transit merely makes data available to third-party application developers. Any support requests for these applications should be directed to the developer of the application.

How do I know if my trip plan includes accessible routes and/or buses equipped with bike racks?

The GTFS feed does not currently include accessibility information. Please refer to the Routes & Schedules page for up-to-date schedule and route-specific information.