Transit Technology

Halifax Transit is excited to roll out new technology solutions that will make commuting much easier.

Automated Stop Announcements

Stop announcements help our hearing and visually impaired transit users through audio and visual cues; users no longer need to rely on the bus operator or other passengers for information during their trip. Tourists and passengers who may be unfamiliar with a route also benefit from advanced notice of upcoming stops. And operators who are new to Halifax Transit or have been introduced to a new route can quickly and easily become familiar with route-specific stops.

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The Departures Line and the Departures Boards (available at many terminals) allow passengers to obtain real-time information regarding bus departures.

The Departure Line is accessible to passengers by calling a single phone number (902-480-8000). Callers then enter the bus stop number (printed on each bus stop sign) to hear which bus is departing, and at what time, from that bus stop.

The Departures Boards display either real-time or scheduled bus departure information on a large screen at the terminal.

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General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS)

General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) is a common data format for public transportation schedules and associated geographic information.

Halifax Transit has made both a static and a real-time feed available to the public. This information can be incorporated by third-party application developers to provide real-time departure information for Halifax Transit services.

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Google Transit

Google Transit is a free public transit trip planner that integrates Halifax Transit routes, schedules, and stop data into Google Maps.

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Service alerts

Service alerts notify consumers of Halifax Transit's GTFS real-time feed of current disruptions to Halifax Transit service.

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