SmartTrip Program

SmartTrip Program

The Halifax Transit SmartTrip Program provides organizations with sustainable commuting options for their employees.

The SmartTrip Program’s goal is to ease traffic congestion by reducing single-occupancy vehicle trips during peak hours and encourage commuters to engage in alternative, sustainable transportation decisions, which contribute to a smaller carbon footprint and cleaner air for all. 

SmartTrip currently works with employers representing over 15,000 employees, who have joined the program to:

  • Encourage employee retention by providing benefits to their employees, 
  • Manage parking and other transportation challenges; and,
  • Reduce emissions, promote healthy commuting, and contribute to community betterment. 

To participate in the SmartTrip program, employers are charged a yearly fee of $100 (1-250 employees) and $250 (250+ employees)

Workplace Size | Number of Employees Annual Fee
Workplace Size | Number of Employees Annual Fee
1-100 $100
100+ $250

Employee Transit Pass (EPass)
Annual discounted transit pass, purchased through payroll deduction, for employees. The EPass offers an annual 12-month pass at the discounted rate of 9 months compared to the cost of purchasing a standard monthly pass. For more information on the EPass program, please click here.

Guaranteed Ride Home Program (GRH)

The SmartTrip GRH program provides employees who are enrolled in the SmartTrip program, or who commute via public transit, carpool/vanpool, walk or cycle at least 3+ times a week with guaranteed transportation home in the event of personal illness or emergency while at work. This service may be used up to 5 times a year.

What events qualify for a Guaranteed Ride Home voucher?

  • personal or family illness/emergency 
  • unscheduled overtime  
  • carpool/vanpool partner’s emergency, illness or unscheduled overtime

What does not apply?

  • personal errands
  • pre-planned medical or dental appointments
  • business-related travel
  • weather-related transit service delays and disruptions

Currently, the website matches commuters based on proximity to origin and destination points, travel routes and similar working hours and compatible carpooling preferences. 

There are numerous transportation matching options, such as: 

  • Carpool and vanpool partner(s) 
  • Cycling and walking buddy
  • Transit buddy

Simple to use, residents must register on to find travel partners, or allow other people to find them. Registration is free and can be used anytime. Trip profile information includes:

  • Travel schedule (commuter travel vs. one-trip)
  • Origin and destination
  • What types of people residents wish to be matched with (non-smoker, female, etc.)
  • Preferred transportation modes

In conjunction with the Cogswell project, the municipality will be launching a Ridematching app, similar to the current website but with new features. These will include GPS car tracking technology, and promotion of municipal TDM initiatives, among others.

Smart Cycle
Lunch & Learn sessions providing SmartTrip members with cycling skills and safety training. 


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