Halifax Common Aquatics Facility

As part of the Halifax Common Master Plan, a new outdoor aquatic facility is being constructed on the Halifax Common in partnership with Marco Group and other leading partners.

Once complete, the Aquatics Facility will include a 13,500 square foot pool with capacity for 450 people, a new playground, and a year-round pavilion with a community room, kitchenette, and modular stage for performers. It is anticipated the new facility will be open to the public in summer 2023.

Service impacts during construction

Significant construction will be taking place at the Halifax Common for the duration of the project. Please be advised of the following impacts:

  • The splash pad is now closed and will be removed as part of this project. For a list of alternative facilities, visit our website.
  • The skatepark will remain open, but the asphalt basketball court will be closed. For a list of alternative facilities, visit our website.
  • The playground will be dismantled, and  a temporary play structure has been opened at the corner of Bell Road and Trollope Street.
  • Pavilion building is now closed and will be removed as part of this project.

Once complete, the Halifax Commons Aquatic Facility and surrounding area will be a significant enhancement for urban aquatics, recreational play, entertainment, and an outdoor oasis for residents to enjoy.

Key features of the revitalized space

  • The new pool will feature a sloped, beach-style entry, as well as a barrier free lift to allow safe access for users of all abilities. The six-foot deep end will contain roped-off swimming lanes for lap swimmers and aquatic climbing walls. The pool will have the capacity for 450 bathers and the total area of the water surface will be 13,500-square feet. An exterior water plaza, and spray features will provide additional entertainment for users of all ages.
    • The pool change room building will contain universal (gender neutral) change rooms and washrooms. The washroom facilities will be accessible to all visitors to the Common. Large overhangs on the facility building will provide shade and shelter for pool users, summer camp groups and park patrons.
  • The splash pad will be replaced with a new water plaza that features interactive inground fountain sprays with lighting and sequencing that will provide a multi-sensory and interactive play experience for people of all ages. The water plaza will be surrounded with new park development with tables, seating, and benches under a grove of shade trees.
  • The existing Pavilion will be replaced with a new building with two sections connected by a breezeway. It will be constructed to be net-zero ready with solar panels on the roof and natural ventilation in the summer.
    • The Pavilion will operate year-round and will have a community space that can be booked for a range of events such as live concerts for youth, community celebrations, or recreation programming. There will be public washrooms open to all park users, a kitchenette, and a community room with a capacity of up to 100 people. The community room with include a portable stage and doors that open out into the park, allowing events to be held indoors or outdoors.
  • The new playground area will be an accessible, inclusive playground with natural play features and plantings. It will include shade structures, benches, and seating surrounded by new trees.
  • Landscaping will feature natural boulders, grasses, and vegetation reminiscent of Nova Scotia’s coastal environments.
Halifax Common outdoor pool flyover render