Bookings and events at Point Pleasant Park

Interested in hosting an event in Point Pleasant Park? Some areas of the park are available to book for various events. The sooner you can book your event, the better, as space isn’t guaranteed and park areas are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Have a read through the information below to ensure your activity is permitted and then fill out the event application form [PDF].


Point Pleasant Park is a great location for an outdoor wedding. There are 7 locations in the park where your ceremony can take place:

  • Quarry Pond
  • Cedar walk summerhouse
  • Point Pleasant summerhouse
  • Field adjacent to Point Pleasant Battery
  • Fort Ogilvie
  • Prince of Wales Tower
  • Purcell’s Landing

Due to a lack of facilities on-site, Point Pleasant Park is only able to accommodate your ceremony. There are no reception facilities and outdoor receptions aren’t allowed. As this is a public, natural space, you are asked to refrain for tossing confetti or similar after the ceremony.

Vehicles are not allowed in Point Pleasant Park, but you can use one vehicle to transport attendees/materials to and from the wedding site.

Picnics and BBQs

Due to the possible fire hazard, BBQs are only allowed at locations between Sailor’s Memorial Way and the shoreline. Open fire or charcoal-style BBQs are not permitted.

Most sites have a picnic table. The following sites can accommodate larger groups of 50–100 people:

  • Black Rock Beach picnic area
  • Point Pleasant Summerhouse
  • Sailor’s Memorial Way areas 1–7
  • tidal lawn

Special runs or walks

Point Pleasant Mark makes a great location for charity walks and runs. When planning your run or walk, remember:

  • Other people use the park, so respect park etiquette and ask your participants not to run/walk more than two people abreast.
  • No flagging or painting is allowed. It will be up to the event organizer to provide extra people if directional assistance is required.

A detailed route map must be provided with event application.


Your theatre group can host plays in Point Pleasant Park.

As Point Pleasant Park is home to Shakespeare by the Sea (SBS), you must coordinate with SBS to ensure no overlap in performance or rehearsal times. Check the SBS calendar for performances and rehearsals for the Cambridge Battery site.


Filming within the municipality—including at Point Pleasant Park—is handled through the filming office. There are additional considerations for Point Pleasant Park:

  • All cameras must be stand alone or carried. No tracks will be allowed.
  • Only the filming portion or your production may occur within the park. No trailers, tents, or additional supplies of any kind are allowed in the park.

Events and activities that will not be permitted in Point Pleasant Park

  • Any event that involves off-trail use of the park. The park is in a vital reforestation stage, so no one is permitted to go into these areas.
  • Bicycle races.
  • Items such as tents, inflatable games, and obstacle courses are not permitted inside the park.
  • Live or recorded music is not allowed.
  • Only events that are not-for-profit and do not charge fees to participate will be considered.

Rules and regulations for events in Point Pleasant Park

All events that take place in Point Pleasant Park must adhere to the park’s rules, but special events also have specific regulations that you should take into account when planning.

Your responsibilities

  • As parks belong to everyone and all are welcome to enjoy them, you cannot rope off or otherwise isolated an area from general public access.
  • When the event is complete, the site must be returned to its original state, with all debris removed.
  • Costs to repair any damages arising from the event will be charged back to the event holder.
  • The municipality has the right to refuse any event from being booked.
  • The municipality does not provide access to electricity.

Parks staff responsibilities

  • Parks Operations staff will check the site and do necessary clean up or repairs prior to the event.
  • Vehicle passes will be made available at the park maintenance office, 5718 Point Pleasant Drive from 8 a.m.–4 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Blackout dates for events in Point Pleasant Park

No events will be booked on the following dates:

  • November 11, Remembrance Day: the annual Remembrance Day ceremony will be held at the Sailor’s Memorial.
  • December 24–January 2 inclusive, Christmas Holidays.