Halifax Relief Commission Advisory Committee

Summary of Halifax Relief Commission Advisory Committee meeting minutes (102-1Gv.3)

This page provides a summary of meeting minutes of the Halifax Relief Commission Advisory Committee relating to the Halifax Explosion. Meeting dates are hyperlinked to a PDF containing digitized minutes of that meeting.

May 14, 1918

  • Chairman Rogers outlines Relief Commission’s work thus far, plans for redevelopment and distribution of relief, and commitment to work with City. Discussion re: who will pay for what in rebuilding houses and compensation; the effectiveness of the Appraisal Board; accusation that the Commission be liable for the Reconstruction men being the source of smallpox epidemic; which areas will be considered part of the devastated area for compensation and rebuilding; back and forth about loans and payments.

May 29, 1918

  • Fire protection of temporary buildings on Common and Exhibition Grounds; compensation for particular individuals including Fireman Wells;  North End residents Carvery and Howe (insinuation that compensation denied because of race); possibility of appealing Appraisal Board decisions; adequacy of temporary shelters if housing not built by winter; concern about speed of re-building; concern about increase in taxes if re-built house better than previous house; concern that residents will leave the City if houses not available soon.

July 10, 1918

  • Loans from Commission to pay Explosion accounts, especially for schools, the Infectious Diseases Hospital, the Market Building; who will pay for rebuilding what; delay in re-building Infectious Disease Hospital; case of compensation to Beatrice Harrington; extension of Young Street into Hennessey property; authority of the City to purchase property in devastated area; railway siding through Incinerator property; garbage removal from temporary shelters; compensation to injured policeman D.C. Wilson; loan for $15,000 from the Commission to the City to be issued.

August 6, 1918

  • Discussion of the Hennessey Field Property and planning scheme; discussion of name of North Creighton St./Isleville St.; authority of Commission for town planning and rebuilding in the devastated area and how they work with the Town Planning Board; compensation for William Wells, fireman on the “Patricia” fire engine; extension of Duffus Street by the Commission.

September 10, 1918

  • Newspaper clipping from the Acadian Recorder. Chairman Rogers appeals for united action in assisting in the housing problem. Discusses the labour shortage, reconstruction plans, and efforts to ensure that people have comfortable places to live prior to winter. [Acadian Recorder, 1918-09-10].

October 12, 1918

  • Discussions of many contentious issues including debris being left for long periods of time on streets by contractors working for the Commission; plastering new houses; loan for the “Chebucto” fire engine; the quality of houses being built (discussion of relief efforts, law suits, assessments); loans to the City; constructing sewers on Union St.; debate over construction of the work done to the home of the Secretary of the Commission, Ralph Bell, and whether it was fairly paid for.

November 26, 1918

  • Pension and compensation for Fireman Wells and Policeman Wilson, both of whom were injured in the Explosion and unable to work. Also discussed the application of the School Board for $50,000 loan from the Commission for Explosion repairs; loan for the City of $50,000; the Smallpox Hospital and the Infectious Diseases Hospital; outstanding repairs, and reconstruction projects including to the City Home, the Hazelwood Sanitarium, and to Agricola St.

June 21, 1919

  • Loans for repairs to schools and City buildings; terms of loans and settlements; purchasing of trucks from the Commission by the City; issue of Gottingen St. and Fort Needham referred to Commission and City Engineering Departments to discuss.

June 30, 1921

  • Describes grievances of James Leitch, whose property (facing Roome, Duffus, and School Streets) was destroyed by both the Explosion and the reconstruction efforts; Mayor to arrange meeting between Relief Commission and Relief Committee to discuss.

July 6, 1921

  • Discussion about solution for James Leitch whose property was destroyed in the Explosion and the reconstruction efforts. Discussion about the state of temporary relief houses on the Exhibition Grounds, the Common, and Citadel and the people who live in them; street work in Richmond Heights; employment policy of the Commission; garbage collection in devastated area; policing and street lighting in the areas damaged by Explosion; and discussion about the condition of temporary buildings put up as a result of the Explosion and the City’s authority in removing them.