Active Transportation

Halifax’s Active Transportation program wants you to bicycle, walk and use other “human powered” ways to move across the municipality. Making Connections: 2014-19 Halifax Active Transportation Priorities Plan [PDF] outlines where and how the municipality plans to build new active transportation greenways, sidewalks and enhanced bicycle facilities. The future vision is a regional greenway and bicycle network [PDF] that spans across the municipality.

Since 2014, the municipality has added 4 km of painted bike lanes and 1.4 km of separated bike lanes, with many more projects in planning and design. 

Encouraging active transportation promotes improved personal health and recreation, helps manage traffic congestion, reduces emissions and supports municipal objectives for creating healthy communities.

The AT Plan outlines the approach that the municipality will take to attract more residents to walking and bicycling for the next five years and supports the objectives of Halifax's Regional Municipal Planning Strategy to increase the number of residents who travel by sustainable transportation modes.

Here are the essential AT Plan documents, all available in PDF format:

Main Report: Making Connections: 2014-19 Halifax Active Transportation Priorities Plan

Map 1: Sidewalk Network

Map 2A: Candidate Bicycle Routes and Greenway Network Sackville/Bedford Area

Map 2B: Candidate Bicycle Routes and Greenway Network Dartmouth and Area

Map 2C: Candidate Bicycle Routes and Greenway Network Halifax and Area

Map 3: Vision for a Regional Greenway and Bicycle Network