Accessible Parking

Accessible Parking Locations

On-street accessible parking spots for Halifax Peninsula or Downtown Dartmouth can be viewed either by list or by map.

With the new Accessible Parking Spots – Interactive Map users can zoom in and out to view more detail about accessible parking spaces. Information available includes if the spot is in service, the location, number of parking spots, parking duration or other restrictions, surface material, and obstructions.

Accessible Parking Policy

We are working on a new Accessible Parking Policy that will provide guidance to future projects on the design and frequency of marked accessible parking spaces in Commercial and Institutional areas. In consultation with the Accessibility Community via the Accessible Parking Public Engagement sessions in 2019, we are working to ensure that accessible spaces are designed and located such that parking does not become a barrier to visiting shops and services.

Read the Accessible Parking Public Consultation Report 2019.

Accessible Parking Questions

Does my accessible permit allow me to park for free in paid parking areas?

  • No. All on-street Accessible Parking spots within the municipality are free for those with a valid accessible license plate or permit; however, payment is required in paid parking areas.

Can I temporarily park in an accessible zone if I am loading/unloading?

  • Motorists may only park in an accessible zone if the vehicle has an accessible license plate or accessible permit displayed. Accessible permits are issued to the person as opposed to the vehicle, so please ensure you bring it with you when you are travelling.