Locations with Accessible Pedestrian Signals

Updated April 30, 2021

List of Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) by Geographic Placename:

Please note that all APS locations require the pedestrian to push a button unless otherwise noted



Bedford Highway at River Lane

Larry Uteck Boulevard at Kearney Lake Drive

Clayton Park/Fairview

Bedford Highway at Civic #50

Dunbrack Street at Lacewood Drive

Dutch Village Road at Joe Howe

Joseph Howe Drive at Superstore

Lacewood Drive at Fairfax Drive

Lacewood Drive at Parkland Avenue

Lacewood Drive at Sobeys and Mcdonalds

Lacewood Drive at Stratford Way

Lacewood Drive at Transit Terminal

Lacewood Drive at Willett Street

Cole Harbour

Cole Harbour Road at Forest Hills and Cumberland

Cole Harbour Road at Hugh Allen Road

Cole Harbour Road at Otago Drive

Forest Hills Parkway at Canadian Tire Driveway

Forest Hills Parkway at Chameau and Flying Cloud

Forest Hills Parkway at Cole Harbour Place

Forest Hills Parkway at Merrimac Drive/Circassion


Alderney Drive at King Street and Kings's Wharf

Alderney Drive at Ochterloney Street

Alderney Drive at Queen Street - APS for crossing Alderney Drive only

Baker Drive at Basswood Run

Cutler Avenue at IKEA driveway

Main Street at Caledonia and Woodlawn 

Main Street at Forest Hills Parkway

Main Street at Hartlen Street

Nantucket Avenue at Zatzman Sportsplex

Pleasant Street at Acadia Street

Portland Street at Carver Street and Eisner Boulevard

Portland Street at Manor Drive and Chestnut Lane

Portland Street at Regal Road

Portland Street at Transit Terminal

Portland Street at Woodlawn Road and Baker Drive

Prince Albert Road at Hawthorne Street

Victoria Road at Primrose Street

Woodlawn Road at Valleyfield Road and Settle Street

Wright Avenue at Wilkinson Avenue

Wyse Road at Nantucket Ave

Wyse Road at Thistle Street

Eastern Passage

Main Road at Morris Road (Autoport)

Halifax - Downtown

Barrington Street at Cornwallis Street - no button activation required

Barrington Street at Duke Street - no button activation required

Barrington Street at Spring Garden Road - no button activation required

Bell Road at Summer and Trollope

Brunswick Street at Gottingen Street and Duke Street - no button activation required

Cogswell Street at Gottingen Street - no button activation required

Duke Street at Upper Water Street

George Street at Upper Water Street - no button activation required

Sackville Street at Dresden Row

Spring Garden Road at Dresden Row

Spring Garden Road at Queen Street

Spring Garden Road at South Park Street

Halifax - North End

Agricola Street at Young Street

Almon Street at Agricola Street

Almon St at Gottingen Street

Almon Street at Gladstone Street

Almon Street at Robie Street - no button activation required

Almon Street at Windsor Street

Bayers Road at Oxford Road

Bayers Road at Romans Avenue

Brunswick St at North St - no button activation required

Cunard Street at Robie Street

Duffus Street at Novalea Drive

Kempt Road at Young Street

Robie Street at North Street

Robie Street at Young Street

Windsor Street at Bayers Road and Young Street

Halifax - Quinpool

Beech Street at Quinpool Road

Connaught Avenue at Quinpool Road

Harvard Street at Quinpool Road

Preston Street at Quinpool Road

Quinpool Road at Canadian Tire

Halifax - South End

Coburg Road at Oxford Street - no button activation required

Coburg Road at Vernon and Seymour

Inglis Street at Robie Street

Inglis Street at Tower Road

Jubilee Road at Robie Street

Queen Street at South Street 

Robie Street at South Street 

Robie Street at Spring Garden

Robie Street at University Avenue

Halifax - West End

Chebucto Road at Connaught Avenue

Chebucto Road at Mumford Road

Mumford Road at Halifax Shopping Centre - no button activation required

Mumford Road at Romans Ave - no button activation required

Lower Sackville

Beaver Bank Road at Glendale Drive

Beaver Bank Road at Millwood Drive

Glendale Drive at Cobeqid Road 

Glendale Drive at McDougall Avenue

Sackville Drive at Beaver Bank Road

Sackville Drive at Florence Street

Sackville Drive at Millwood Drive 

Sackville Drive at Riverside Drive 

Sackville Drive at Sackville Cross Road 

Sackville Drive at Superstore


Herring Cove Road at Dentith Street 

Herring Cove Road at Old Sambro Road 

Herring Cove Road at Williams Lake Road