Water Shortage - Dry Wells

Last updated: September 27, 2022
The municipality is making drinking water available to residents without water due to dry wells. 

Affected residents across the municipality can access drinkable water at the facilities below, until conditions improve. Water will be available at these locations (with the exception of Station 38 and 42, as outlined below).

Each household will receive two litres per person per day, as well as one litre per day per pet. Residents may collect one week’s supply at a time. 

The Emergency Management Department is monitoring the situation closely and reviewing the data to determine the extent of the water shortage. Residents on wells who are experiencing water shortage issues are strongly encouraged to contact 311 to report a water shortage, as this will allow the municipality to understand where shortages are occurring and supply drinking water.

If you are experiencing a dry well, learn more about our inadequate water supply program.

For the latest updates on response efforts and information regarding municipal service impacts due to Hurricane Fiona, visit the Severe Weather Events web page or follow @hfxgov on Twitter.