Domestic Burn Permits

A domestic burn permit is required in a Permit Required Zone during the Winter Season (October 16th – March 14th).

The domestic burn permit linked below is filled out by you and kept on site during burning. There is no requirement for the permit to be approved by Municipal staff.

Municipal Burn Permit

Industrial, Religious and Ceremonial Burn Permits

Industrial, religious or ceremonial burning will need special permission.  In general, these burning types include anything that is not domestic burning.

In most cases of industrial burning, you will also need to obtain a permit from the Province. More information on the Provincial requirements can be found here.

Please contact 311 to initiate the permit process or find out more about permits for religious, ceremonial or industrial purposes.  Someone from our Fire Prevention Division will contact you and help you through the process.

Fireworks & Pyrotechnics Permit

Approval to use Display Fireworks and /or Pyrotechnics is required in Halifax Regional Municipality. Please fill out the appropriate forms below and email it to If you are unable to email the form or have questions, please contact us by calling 311.

Note that approval is not required for consumer (family) fireworks.

Display Fireworks Special Effect Event Approval Form - FP-369A - (PDF)

Pyrotechnics Approval Form - FP369B - (PDF)

Tent Permits

How to apply for a tent permit?

When do I need a tent permit? 

  • You need to apply for a tent permit for tents or canopies greater than 10ftx10ft (3.48m2)
  • You do not need a permit for anything smaller including multiple tents/canopies (each smaller than 10ftx10ft (3.48m2) and at least 10 feet apart)

How to apply for a tent permit?

Pick up, submit, and pay for your application package at any of the following locations:

  • HRM Customer Service Office, 40 Alderney Gate, 2nd Floor, Dartmouth 
  • 7071 Bayers Road, Suite 2005, 2nd floor, Halifax


Upon picking up the application, a fee of $78.75 (taxes included) will be made payable to Halifax Regional Municipality. Payment can be made by cash, debit, cheque or credit card.

Tent Permit (PDF) - For viewing only.  You cannot pay on-line or at the Fire Prevention Office.

Tent Application Package (PDF)

Large events (200+ people):

Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency will connect with organizers of larger events (such as Tall Ships, Buskers, concerts, etc.) through the Halifax Regional Municipality Special Events Task Force. Event organizers will be responsible for overall safety throughout the event and to ensure tents, canopies, and equipment used by vendors meet the requirements of the Special Event Guidelines. 

For large events, it takes 10 business days are needed to review and approve the applications. 

Small events (200 people or less)

For a small event of 200 people or less, five business days will be required to review and approve the applications.

Contact information

To speak with someone from Fire Prevention please contact 311.