Help children learn about fire safety

Help children learn about fire safety

Learn from the pros. Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency (HRFE) offers a wide variety of services aimed at providing fire safety education for all ages.

Daycare and pre-school visits

To have a fire truck and crew visit your daycare or pre-school, call 311.
Firefighters will show the children the fire engine and give a brief fire safety talk.

Special events, home shows and trade shows

This service is provided to Halifax area residents and businesses. HRFE will attend your special event to provide fire safety education. Examples of special events include a community based event, park opening, community group event, and fall home shows.
To discuss or book your special event, contact 311.

Juvenile Fire Setters Program (Arson Prevention Program for Children)

This program helps educate children and youth between age 2–17 who have been involved with fire play or fire setting. It’s educational, not punitive. It encourages children and youth to make wiser choices with fire and fire safety. This service can be requested by the child's legal guardian calling 311.

Elementary school programs and events
Fire Prevention Week contests

Every year during Fire Prevention Week, HRFE runs a fire safety contest. Every elementary school (P–6) can participate. The contest always follows a fire safety theme and prizes are awarded to 20 students from each grade level. Prizes in previous years have included:

  • HRFE backpacks
  • home fire escape ladders
  • emergency radios and lights
  • emergency preparedness kits
  • fire safes
  • and many other great prizes

General school presentations

Sometimes it may not be possible for an entire school to have an assembly presentation, so as a service to teachers within the municipal school systems, HRFE can provide general fire safety training for individual classes, Grades P–6.