Compensation Disclosure

Compensation disclosure of municipal employees

The Statement of Compensation is a document that discloses the amount of compensation the municipality pays to any person, directly or indirectly, of $100,000 or more in a fiscal year (April 1 – March 31). This disclosure is pursuant to Section 54A of the Halifax Regional Municipality Charter and Administrative Order 2015-006  Respecting Disclosure of Employee Salaries [PDF] which applies to the Halifax Regional Municipality, Halifax Regional Library Board, and Halifax Regional Water Commission. The Statement of Compensation began in 2016 and is published every year between July and August.



Regular salary and wages, including acting pay and overtime, paid in the fiscal year. This may also include lump sum payments resulting from retroactive pay adjustments (e.g. a pay increase) from the prior fiscal year. “Regular” is interpreted in the context of the individual’s classification or position and normal work schedule or as determined by a collective agreement applicable to the individual.

Other benefits

Compensation other than salary, including:

  • retirement or severance payments, and vacation payouts
  • the value of loan or loan-interest obligations that have been extinguished and of imputed-interest benefits from loans
  • long-term incentive plan earnings and payouts
  • the value of the benefit derived from vehicles or vehicle allowances
  • the value of the benefit derived from living accommodation provided or any subsidy with respect to living accommodation
  • payments made for exceptional benefits not provided to the majority of employees
  • payments made for members in recreational clubs or organizations
  • please note: the municipality does not pay for any recreational memberships for employees - only professional memberships associated with an employee’s job

Total compensation

The total amount or value of all cash and non-cash salary, wages, and other benefits. More specifically, in accordance with Section 3(b) of Administrative Order 2015-006, compensation is defined as the total amount or value of all cash and non-cash salary, wages, payments, allowances, bonuses, commissions, and perquisites (i.e. a benefit you are entitled to as a result of your position), other than a pension, pursuant to any arrangement, including an employment contract.

Fiscal year

The municipality’s fiscal year is April 1 to March 31.

Compensation disclosure of elected officials

Administrative Order 17, Respecting Remuneration for Members of Council [PDF], outlines the current remuneration package (salary and benefits) for the mayor, deputy mayor, and councillors of the municipality. The details on how compensation is calculated annually for regional council are provided in the documents listed below. All files are in PDF format.

For specific compensation, the Consolidated Financial Statements for the years noted above include the schedule of remuneration for members of council and the Chief Administrative Officer.