Benefits Cost Estimation Calculator

Note: the estimated costs in this calculator are based on rates effective April 1, 2024.

To use this calculator:

  1. Select the bargaining unit (union) associated with the position.
  2. Enter the annual salary (this will round off to the nearest $500). If the position provides an hourly wage, multiply that by the number of hours per work week then multiply that by 52.
  3. Select appropriate benefits options based on your needs.

This calculator estimates what your payroll deductions would be based solely on the information that you enter: your estimated salary, your benefits selections and other anticipated payroll deductions like pension, taxes and Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance deductions. It does not estimate union membership fees or deductions. This estimation should not be considered an accurate example of an actual pay but rather an approximation and is not binding upon Halifax Regional Municipality.

Bargaining Unit Membership Fees/Dues: (current as of January 1, 2023)
Below are the list of union and their dues on a bi-weekly basis. 

                ATU - $40.00
                IAFF - $50.75
                CUPE 108 – 1.5%
                CUPE 4814 CG – 1.5%
                NSGEU 222 – 1.25%
                HRPA - 1.5 % to a maximum of a level 5 Constable