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Our education staff offer free online webinars and workshops about waste management. Learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle from the comfort of your own home.

The online sessions below are broadcast though Microsoft Teams. They are available for all ages and are fun and informative for the whole family! 

IMPORTANT:  The sessions below are not compatible with Safari web browser. Please download Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome to your laptop computer.
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Free Online Workshops

To book a workshop below, just click on the workshop title to send us your preferred date and time. An educator will contact you to confirm your booking and to send you a meeting invitation for the workshop.  For all other inquiries, contact us at wasteless@halifax.ca.

Life Cycle of Recycling Workshops

What Goes Where: Sorting it Out

30 minutes

Have you ever wondered whether it belongs in the garbage or recycling? This workshop will help you become a recycling champion through learning how to sort waste at home.

Where Does it Go? : Facility Tours

30 minutes

Have you ever wondered where your waste goes after it has been picked up? Sign up for a virtual tour of our Recycling facility, Compost facility, and Landfill. 

What Does it Become? Turning Old into New

30 minutes

Have you ever wondered what your recycling, paper and organic waste is turned into? Join us for a “show and tell” where you’ll get to see examples of products made from our everyday waste items.

Waste Reduction & Wasteless Gardening Workshops

Learn about waste reduction and maintaining healthy soil through backyard composting, vermicomposting and compost tea! To book a workshop, just click on the title of a workshop below and send us your preferred date and time. An educator will contact you to confirm your booking and to send you a meeting invitation for the workshop.   

Reduce Single Use

30 minutes

Help divert waste from our landfill by learning how to reduce single use plastics!  With the Nova Scotia Plastic Bag Ban coming into effect on October 30th it’s a great time to discuss alternatives to single use plastics. 

Food Isn't Garbage

30 Minutes

Learn tips to help reduce food waste and keep organic material out of the landfill!  From meal planning to shopping and food storage tips, we will provide tips for how you can save on your grocery bill while helping to reduce waste! 

Backyard Composting Basics

30 minutes

Are you interested in backyard composting at home? This workshop will teach you how to turn your kitchen scraps into a valuable fertilizer without bringing odours or pests into your neighbourhood!

Vermicomposting: Harness Worm Power

30 minutes

Are you interested in learning how red wiggler worms can help you turn food scraps into “gardeners gold”? This workshop will teach you how to care for your worms so that they can create nutrient rich castings for your lawn and garden

Compost Tea: A Healthy Drink for your Garden and Lawn

30 minutes

You won’t want to serve this to your family, but your garden and lawn will love it! This workshop will teach you how to create a powerful liquid inoculant to nourish your yard.

Other Webinars 

All About Green Carts!

30 minutes

Do you want to learn about municipal composting along with tips on how to maintain you green cart at home? This workshop will provide you with tip to help keep your green cart tidy and give you some background on our municipal organics program.

HSW Disposal Alternatives

30 minutes

Household Special Waste (HSW) includes hazardous materials that are generated in the home, such as batteries, paint and aerosol cans, propane cylinders, and used motor oil. These materials do not belong in the landfill, and proper disposal is critical for environmental protection. For many HSW items, there are alternatives to the municipality’s HSW Depots. This webinar will cover a variety of disposal options to save you time and ensure your Household Special Waste gets to the right place.

Waste to Art

Are you looking for creative ways to use some of the items you may have around your home? Here are some great ideas to get more out of your household items and materials left over from use, by creating custom and useful pieces.