Renewing your driver or owner licence

You will need to complete a Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector.

Applying for a Criminal Record Check with a Vulnerable Sector Check:

Criminal Record Check (CRC) forms can be completed at 1975 Gottingen Street, Halifax-Headquarters between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.:

  • Halifax Regional Police will contact you by phone or email if you need to be fingerprinted. If your previous CRC’s have required fingerprints, you will always need to get fingerprints done for any CRC in the future. Questions? Contact HRP Records at 902.490.1329.

We do not recommend online sites as generally they do not come with the vulnerable sector check.

Your paperwork must be valid within 30 days when you submit your package.

(Cost: $50)

The taxi office will contact you to schedule an appointment for inspection only after all steps have been completed including fingerprints.


Child Abuse Registry Check:

Please follow the link to complete the application form.

This search takes ten business days to process. The completed results will be sent to you by mail from the Department of Community Services.

(Cost: No Fee)

Please note that due to COVID-19 procedures, there is a delay in receiving a Child Abuse Registry Check. Please submit documentation to the Department of Community Services in advance to ensure timely delivery.


Renewal Requirements for Taxi/Limo Driver’s Licence

Your driver’s licence must be renewed every two years. You have to apply in person at a Municipal Customer Service Centre.

Renewal applications take 5 business days to process. If additional documents are required, the taxi office will contact you. The licence will be sent via Canada Post.

Visit a Municipal Customer Service Centre and submit the following:

Bring your current Taxi/Limo Driver’s Licence with you.
1. Criminal Record / Vulnerable Sector Check, current within 30 days

2.Child Abuse Registry check results, current within 30 days
3. Nova Scotia Provincial Driver’s Licence (minimum class 4)
4. A “client use” Nova Scotia Drivers Abstract
 , current within 30 days
5. Two Passport Photos (2"X 2") dated and stamped, current within 30 days

(Cost: $100 renewal fee)


Renewal Requirements for Taxi/Limo Owner’s Licence

Your owner’s licence must be renewed every year.

Renewal applications take 5 business days to process.

Obtain all the following documents and submit them to any Municipal Customer Service Centre.

Bring your current Taxi/Limo Owner's Licence with you.
1. Meter Calibration Slip (must be dated and signed and current within 30 days)
2. Copy of  Permanent Vehicle Registration Permit (original document must be in the vehicle at time of inspection.)
3. Copy of Motor Vehicle Inspection Certificate
 (original document must be in the vehicle at time of inspection.) MVI must still be valid for 30 days past the date of your taxi inspection.

4. Insurance Letter, providing proof of insurance on the said vehicle.
5. Company Letter or Registry of Joint Stocks Certificate, for which the vehicle is working under.
6. The owner licence holder must be present. If the vehicle is in a current lease agreement, a copy of the lease agreement must be provided.
7. Child Abuse Registry check

(Cost: $50 renewal fee)

If you are an owner who does not hold a taxi/limo driver’s licence you must provide a Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector and Child Abuse Registry check results, current within 30 days of your application.


Taxi/Limo Vehicle Inspections

The taxi office will call you to schedule your vehicle inspection appointment. The inspection will take place at 7 Mellor Avenue in Burnside. Drive to the rear of the building to the ramp at your appointment time – do not check in at the front desk.

If you are called for a taxi inspection, please note the following requirements:

  • You must arrive 10 minutes early to your inspection. Failure to appear on time may result in a cancelled appointment.
  • Proceed directly to the ramp at the back of the building when you arrive. Please stay in your vehicle until directed by Inspection Officer.
  • Please wear a mask at all times during the inspection and bring your own pen.
  • Prior to the inspection beginning, please fasten all seatbelts within the vehicle and ensure windshield wipers, windows, locks and emergency break are in good working condition.

The following items will be inspected on the vehicle:

• roof light
• interior condition and cleanliness
• headlights
• body condition (paint, holes, and rust)
• signal lights
• front and back brake lights
• hotel standard sticker
• safety inspection and certificate
• vehicle registration
• licence plate light
• taxi meter
• horn
• windshield
• operation of windows
• emergency brake
• doors, handles, and locks
• tires
• wheel covers (hub caps)
• operation of trunk and cleanliness
• seat belts
• wipers
• interior lights
• taxi roof light
• rear light


Contact Taxi and Limousine Services for any of the following:

• general inquiries
• By-Law T-1000 and Administrative Order #39 inquiries
• complaints and/or comments
• cancellations/rescheduling of inspections and testing
• request to be on the waiting list

By phone: 311
By fax:  902.490.6142

By mail: Municipal Taxi and Limousine Services
P.O. Box 1749, Halifax, NS B3J 3A5