Speed Display Signs

Speed display signs are part of the municipality’s ongoing initiatives to improve road safety.

Also known as driver feedback signs, speed display signs are devices designed to reduce speeding by alerting motorists of their speed. By providing the information in real time, the signs provide motorists the opportunity to alter their behaviour regarding compliance to posted speed limits.

These signs are being implemented in strategic locations throughout the Halifax region. They are intended for use on

  •   Major collector and arterial streets:
    • upon community entry/transition to a residential area;
    • beyond the transition zone for a speed reduction;
    • where there is evidence that drivers are not heeding the speed limit, directly resulting in high rates of collisions.
  • Local and minor collector streets as a supplemental tool to the Traffic Calming program:
    • where physical measures are not feasible due to roadway constraints;
    • as a temporary measure prior to the installation of physical measures in the roadway (within 1-2 years of planned construction).
  • Where road geometry may obstruct sight distance to hazardous roadway conditions such as a curve. 

Speed display signs will be rotated on a semi-annual maintenance schedule, with 2 signs being allocated per District (excluding those identified through the Traffic Calming program).

All speed display sign locations are included in Open Data

Photograph of a Speed Display Sign installed on a utility pole