Domestic and Feral Cat Committee

The Domestic and Feral Cat Committee is a staff advisory committee formed to increase mutual understanding and communications between the municipal government and various stakeholders about issues surrounding cats in the community.

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Membership of the Domestic and Feral Cat Committee

Dr. Hugh Chisholm, retired veterinarian, Tuxedo Party
David Currie, Nova Scotia Bird Society
Nancy Mansfield, Bide Awhile
Linda Felix, Spay Day
Sonya Higgins, Healing Animal SCARS
Shannon Hebert, citizen-at-large
Janet Hiltz-Resk, citizen-at-large
Sandra Flemming, SPCA

Staff contact for the Domestic and Feral Cat Committee

Natalie Matheson
Adjudication Clerk, Buildings and Compliance

Minutes and agendas

Terms of Reference (PDF)

Minutes are available once approved. All documents are in PDF format.

2016 Agendas and Minutes

February 17 2016                                    Agenda                                Minutes

March 30 2016                                        Agenda                                Minutes

May 4 2016                                              Agenda                                 Minutes

June 29 2016                                          Agenda                                 Minutes

October 5 2016                                      Agenda                                 Minutes

November 9 2016                                  Agenda                                 Minutes 

2017 Agenda and Minutes

January 11 2017                                     Agenda                                  Minutes 

March 8 2017                                        Agenda                                   Minutes 

May 17 2017                                          Agenda                                    Minutes 

July 12 2017                                          Agenda                                    Minutes

October 25 2017                                 Agenda                                    Minutes

2018 Agenda and Minutes

February 28 2018                             Agenda                                      Minutes

June 26 2018                                    Agenda                                      When approved

September 20, 2018                       Pending




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