Halifax Regional Police Policies and Procedures


Halifax Regional Police policies posted below do not represent the service’s entire Policy and Procedures Manual, and are largely part of those policies that have been recently refreshed. Portions of these publicly released Halifax Regional Police policies have been redacted to ensure confidentiality and to prevent harm to the effectiveness of investigative or operational deployment strategies and techniques or procedures currently used, or likely to be used, in law enforcement.  

This electronic version of the policies is for private study or research purposes only, and belongs exclusively to Halifax Regional Police. No person or entity is permitted to reproduce, in whole or part, these Policies and Procedures for business or commercial purposes, or the purposes of distribution, trade, sale, rent, or posting on the Internet or on electronic bulletin boards. Further details about copyright protection over these and other public agency owned works can be obtained by reference to the federal Copyright Act. Any other use of the Policies and Procedures requires the permission of Halifax Regional Police.

Halifax Regional Police divides its Policy and Procedures Manual into two sections, Administration and Operational. The policies that are posted below are from one of those sections. 

This section will continue to be updated as more policies are refreshed and are vetted for public release.

Policy Name Public Release Date Original Policy Release Date Policy Link
Policy Name Public Release Date Original Policy Release Date Policy Link
Police Identity Management Act (PIMA) 28-Apr-23 17-May-22 Police Identity Management Act (PIMA)
Property - Seized and Relinquished 28-Apr-23 25-Mar-21 Property - Seized and Relinquished
Alert Ready - Direct Access 28-Apr-23 5-Jul-21 Alert Ready - Direct Access
Hate Crime and Hate Incident Response 28-Apr-23 2-Jun-22 Hate Crime and Hate Incident Response
Conflict of Interest 23-May-23 18-Nov-19 Conflict of Interest
Drug Impaired Driving 23-May-23 30-Jul-21 Drug Impaired Driving
Entry of General Occurrence Data into RMS 23-May-23 16-Mar-22 Entry of General Occurrence Data into RMS
Exposure - Communicable Disease/Hazardous Material 23-May-23 28-Sep-21 Exposure Communicable Disease Hazardous Material
Locker and Locker Rooms 23-May-23 19-May-21 Locker and Locker Rooms
Restorative Justice Program 23-May-23 9-Apr-20 Restorative Justice Program
Uniform & Equipment Kit 23-May-23 7-May-20 Uniform and Equipment Kit