Halloween safety

For many children and adults, Halloween is the best night of the year. It’s full of candy, costumes and fun with friends. Halifax Regional Police is sharing tips for those who are planning to trick-or-treat.


  • Like everyday, avoid distractions and make sure to pay close attention.
  • Drive slowly and be careful backing up.
  • Drive with extra caution in residential areas.

Tips for trick-or-treaters, parents and guardians

  • follow normal pedestrian safety rules. Look both ways before crossing the street and watch for vehicles (especially vehicles backing out of driveways)
  • trick-or-treat together; never alone
  • try to limit crisscrossing the street. Go down one side of the street, then up the other
  • ensure Halloween costumes are bright, reflective and fit well
  • carry a flashlight and stay in well-lit areas
  • confirm that costumes allow the wearer to see clearly 
  • be sure an adult checks all Halloween candy before trick-or-treaters dig in
  • trick-or-treaters should tell their parents and/or guardians their Halloween route and when they expect to be home
  • dress for the weather
  • watch for open flames and be careful around jack-o-lanterns
  • stay outside while trick-or-treating, never enter someone's home

Tips for homeowners

  • keep your doorway well-lit; clear of tripping hazards and open flames
  • give out only commercially wrapped snacks
  • ensure trick-or-treaters stay outside of your home
  • keep pets inside on Halloween as costumes and loud noises may scare them
  • contact police if you spot suspicious activity