Halifax Regional Police Patrol Division

Contact the Halifax Regional Police Patrol Division

Business hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Closed statutory holidays.

Divisional offices

Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Central Division (Halifax Peninsula)  

Inspector Jeff Clarke, Divisional Commander

  • phone: 902.490.6166
  • visit: 1975 Gottingen Street, Halifax  

Community Response Officers

Constable Mike Zinck

Constable Martin Cromwell

Constable Devon Norris

Constable Darcy Lucas

Constable Tanya Rainault

East Division (Dartmouth)  

Insp. Carolyn Nichols, Divisional Commander

Community Response Officers 

Constable Jeff Brown

Constable Kim Chambers

Constable Jim Smith

West Division (Bedford to Sambro Loop)  

Staff Sergeant Monier Chediac, Divisional Commander

Community Response Officers

Constable Jenn Clarke

Constable Jody Prior

Constable Egist Mandru

Constable Paul Desrochers

When should I contact the divisional office?

Contact the division office or your community response officer directly when you have complaints, concerns or suggestions specific to your community that relate to quality of life issues such as:

  • excessive noise
  • property damage
  • loitering
  • traffic violations
  • break and enters
  • thefts

More information on reporting crime to Halifax Regional Police.

School Response Officers

Contact your school response officer if you have an interest in or concern with the safe environment of your school:

Central Division (Halifax Peninsula)

Constable Alan Jazic

East Division (Dartmouth)

Constable Amy Edwards

West Division (Bedford to Sambro Loop)

Constable Martine Maillet

What do School Response Officers do?

  • counsel and talk informally with students
  • work to enhance the safety and security of the school
  • investigate criminal offences relating to the school and its population
  • serve as a liaison between the school, students and the criminal justice system
  • deliver safety and crime prevention lessons to students, staff and parents

What does the Halifax Regional Police Patrol Division do?

The Patrol Division is the most visible of all divisions of the Halifax Regional Police. Uniformed officers patrol neighbourhoods on foot or in police vehicles, respond to calls for assistance and work in partnership with citizens to keep our communities safe.  

Patrol officers are divided into four watches. Each watch has officers who are assigned to one of the three divisional areas, Central, East and West. Patrol officers work two 12-hour day shifts, two 12-hour night shifts and then have four days off.

In addition to the three divisional offices, the Patrol Division also includes Divisional Quick Response Units for Central, East and West. 

Units in the Support Division

The Support Division support front line operations and includes: