Halifax Regional Police Canine (K9) Unit

What the Canine Unit does

The Halifax Regional Police Canine (K9) Unit includes eight teams of police service dogs (PSD) and handlers.

The K-9 unit teams:

  • track lost people or suspects from a crime scene
  • search for articles discarded during or after a crime
  • search for suspects who are hiding in a building
  • apprehend fleeing suspects on command
  • detect illegal drugs
  • detect explosives

Canine Unit members

Constable Phil MacDonald and PSD Morgan

Constable Jason Meisner and PSD Pension

Constable Jamie Cooke and PSD Recon

Constable Joey Malcolm and PSD Casey

Constable Craig Durling and PSD Sully

Constable Dan Berube and PSD Jynx

Constable Sue Conrad and PSD Mako

Constable Andrew Joudrey and PSD Kron

Police service dogs in the K-9 Unit are specially trained and must pass a medical examination and behavioural tests prior to joining the unit. These dogs have proven to be best suited for general service police dog work throughout the world.