December 2, 2020 North West Planning Advisory Committee Special Meeting


Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Virtual Meeting



2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – November 4, 2020




6.1 Correspondence
6.2 Petitions

7.1.1 Case 23111:
Application by Brighter Community Planning & Consulting for a rezoning of 1155 Lucasville Road (PID 40599243) from Mixed Use One (MU-1) zone to I-1 (Mixed Industrial) zone of the Land Use By-law for Beaver Bank, Hammonds Plains and Upper Sackville. [PDF]

This rezoning is being sought to legalize an existing school bus yard that has been in operation for more than 15 years. Recently it has been determined that the Bus yard use is not in compliance with the MU-1 zone of the land use by-law. In consultation with Planning the applicant has submitted an application for a rezoning to a Mixed Use (1-I) Industrial zone within which a new definition and listed permitted use were proposed to be adopted in accordance with MPS policies. 

A Public Engagement Mailout was conducted and the feedback showed that the residents--while in favour of the continued bus yard operations--were not in favour of applying the 1-I zone. Their objection is based primarily on the list of permitted uses in the I-1.  Given the community feedback and concern Planning Staff undertook the following:
• Observation of the land use (the access and exit of the vehicles during normal daily operations)
• The renewed analysis of the MPS policies and the land use by-laws which currently enable existing permitted uses through the MU-1 zone; and, 
• Existing permitted uses that currently operate in the area as permitted by the land use by-law 

Based on these analyses, staff have determined that the use is no more intensive than those uses that current existing inclusive, of trucking and landscaping operations, one of which operates directly across from the bus yard site at 1155 Lucasville Road.

Consequently, Staff are considering defining the school bus yard operations and adding it to the list of permitted uses through a and use by-law amendment is consistent with the intent of MPS policies in the MUB Designation, provided adequate impact mitigation measures are put in place.

In preparing the recommendation to North West Community Council, the Committee is being asked to assess potential impact on the community: 
• Impacts on adjacent properties
• Consideration of applying the school bus yard as a permitted use, comprehensively 

Staff’s proposed impact mitigation recommendations:
1. 60 meters (200 feet) setback from the School Bus Yard use to a residential lot line.
2. A Maximum of 25% of the lot may be used for School Bus Yard operations, including employee parking 

At present the applicant considers the distance separation requirement to be too great.
The applicant also would like employee parking to be excluded from the 25% school bus yard use calculation  

The following is before the Committee:
Applicant Submission [PDF]
Notice to Residents [PDF]

For a copy of the materials presented to the Planning Advisory Committee, please contact the Clerk’s Office. 

7.1.2: Case 22820: Application by WM Fares Architects, on behalf of Sunset Plaza Inc., requesting substantive amendments to an existing development agreement for lands at the corner of Swindon Drive and Hanwell Drive (PID 41292822), Middle Sackville to convert the land use from commercial to a 4-storey residential building with ground-floor commercial component. [PDF]

The existing development agreement for Sunset Ridge allocates the site for commercial development, including the following uses: retail and food stores, services/ personal services, offices, banks and financial institutions, restaurants, and commercial schools.

Details of the proposal to amend the agreement are as follows:
• 52 Dwelling Units within 4-storey building;
• Approx. 2,800 sq. ft. ground-floor commercial space;
• Approx. 14,000 Square Feet of amenity space;
• 62 vehicle parking spaces (indoor & outdoor combined);
• Detailed landscape plan to be provided at permit stage.

The following is before the Committee: 
Revised Site Plan, [PDF]
Revised Building Elevations, [PDF]
Revised Traffic Impact Statement, [PDF]
Original Development Agreement from 2008 (Sunset Ridge, Case 01027). [PDF]

Amendments to the development agreement proposal are being considered under Policies RR-3, UR-10 and IM-13 of the Sackville Municipal Planning Strategy. In preparing a recommendation to the North West Community Council, the Committee is being asked to comment on and assess potential impacts of the proposal, specifically:
• the types of land uses to be included in the development;
• that the height, bulk, lot coverage and appearance of any building is compatible with adjacent land uses;
• the distribution and function of proposed public lands and community facilities, and proximity to schools, recreation areas and transit routes;
• traffic generation, access to and egress from the site, and parking;
• matters relating to the provision of central sewer and water services;
• provisions for the proper handling of stormwater and general drainage within and from the development;
• site suitability in terms of steepness of grades, soil and geological conditions, locations of watercourses, potable water supplies, marshes or bogs and susceptibility to flooding;
• signs, open storage, and general maintenance of the development.

Public consultation included notices mailed to 123 addresses in May of 2020 (in lieu of a Public Information Meeting), requesting feedback on the proposal. Comments received (approx. 44 emails) from the public are summarized as follows (no particular order):
• Increased traffic in the subdivision, speeding, and pedestrian safety concerns;
• No additional apartments wanted, would rather commercial development as per existing agreement;
• The appearance of the proposed building should be improved as well as site landscaping, provisions for privacy, sound dampening;
• The main floor level (of the apartment building) should be split up into commercial spaces;     
• Negative affect on the resale value of homes, more crime (vandalism & thefts) ;
• Concern with adding further density to the community;
• Construction noise & debris;
• The apartment building would ruin the views of the sunset to the west for some houses.

Following the public consultation and staff review stages, the proposal was revised as follows:
• Change from two driveways off Swindon Drive to one driveway off Hanwell Drive;
• Ground-floor commercial space was included, and two fewer residential units;
• Changes to the building’s exterior appearance;
• A pedestrian walkway between the building and bus stop was included; and 
• The proposed building was moved to meet a 10 metre setback from Margeson Drive right-of-way (rear property line). 

For a copy of the materials presented to the Planning Advisory Committee, please contact the Clerk’s Office.

7.1.3 Proposed 2021 North West Planning Advisory Committee Meeting Schedule [PDF]
That the North West Planning Advisory Committee approve their 2021 Meeting Schedule as presented.

8. DATE OF NEXT MEETING - January 6, 2021