Major unsolved cases in the Halifax region

Despite complex and sometimes lengthy investigations, the cases listed below remain unsolved. 

These victims were real people who had family and friends who cared for them and miss them dearly. We owe it to the victims, as well as those they left behind, to finally close these files.

Do the right thing. The smallest piece of information can be invaluable in helping the police solve the case.  If you have information regarding any of these unsolved cases:

  • call police at 902.490.5016, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • contact Crime Stoppers:

Many of the cases are part of the Nova Scotia Department of Justice Rewards for Major Unsolved Crimes Program, which offers a cash reward of up to $150,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the crime.  

This is not a complete list of all major unsolved cases. Investigators review major unsolved case files on an ongoing basis and cases will be added to this web page and/or submitted to the Rewards for Major Unsolved Crimes program on a case-by-case basis.  

Major unsolved cases

Name Incident Date Incident Type
Name Incident Date Incident Type
Adams, Leon Anthony 22-May-05 Homicide
Alquiros, John Francis 19-Apr-02 Homicide
Baker, Daniel 12-Dec-97 Missing Person
Beals, Joseph 20-Feb-21 Homicide
Beals, Nelson Tyrelle 11-Jun-22 Homicide
Bourgeois, Glenn Brian 21-Jul-07 Homicide
Boutilier, Newton Harold 7-Jan-68 Homicide
Boyko, David Robert 12-May-96 Homicide
Bradshaw, Treyhvon Alrick 18-Mar-22 Homicide
Brooks, Tanya Jean 11-May-09 Homicide
Brown, Nathaniel 4-Feb-23 Homicide
Brushett, Gregory Samuel 10-Apr-99 Missing Person
Cain, Lee'Marion 21-Dec-21 Homicide
Carvery, Jaurmar 3-May-08 Homicide
Chase, Raymond Paul 13-May-99 Homicide
Connors, Shelley 29-May-93 Homicide
Cross, Laura Lee 14-Oct-02 Homicide
Cross, Nathan Ross 24-Apr-11 Homicide
DiBenedetto, Danny 8-Feb-05 Homicide
Downey, Daverico 23-Apr-16 Homicide
Downey, Donald Charles 30-Oct-88 Homicide
Downey, Quintez 27-Jan-21 Homicide
Dube, Suzanne Elizabeth 17-Nov-88 Homicide
Farren, Kevin Sean 9-Mar-12 Homicide
Ferneyhough, Darryl 25-May-01 Missing Person
Forbes, Bruce Andrew 16-Jul-02 Missing Person
Forgeron, Michael Edwin 9-Mar-07 Homicide
Griffin, Vincent Pius 30-Jun-81 Homicide
Hamm, Michael Leonard 28-Aug-85 Homicide
Hannan, David Joseph 9-Dec-06 Homicide
Hartrick, Margaret 10-Sep-98 Homicide
Henderson, Ronald Jack 5-Apr-86 Homicide
Izzard, Terrance Patrick 14-Nov-16 Homicide
Jack, Crystal Dawn 23-Jul-97 Homicide
Jessop, Ryan James 27-Sep-20 Missing Person
Jollimore, Lori Katherine 27-Apr-17 Homicide
Katnick, Leslie Anne 4-Nov-91 Missing Person
Keating, Douglas 2-Sep-00 Homicide
Keeble, Florence Ann 30-Oct-76 Homicide
Kelly, Timothy John 12-Dec-09 Homicide
King, Andrea Lynn 1-Jan-92 Homicide
Knickle, Helen Diane 26-Jul-74 Homicide
Livingstone, Paul Reid 13-Aug-11 Homicide
Lowe, Derek Alan 28-Jan-88 Homicide
Lucas, Kimber Leanne 23-Nov-94 Homicide
Lyle, James Alexander "Sandy" 19-Feb-12 Homicide
MacCullough, Jason Allan 28-Aug-99 Homicide
MacDonald, William Allan 9-Jul-03 Homicide
MacKeigan, Ian 25-Oct-84 Missing Person
Madore, Sheila Patricia 8-Oct-20 Homicide
Marriott, Richard Joseph 20-Nov-98 Homicide
Marriott, Wayne Nicholas 20-Jun-06 Homicide
Marsman, Devon Sinclair 24-Feb-22 Missing Person
Masson, Ann 28-Mar-86 Homicide
McAndrew, Kimberley Ann 12-Aug-89 Missing Person
McLean, Christine Marjorie 14-Apr-98 Homicide
Murphy, Corey 2-Mar-04 Homicide
Myra, Jean Hilda 5-Apr-90 Homicide
Nawabi, Sardar Ajmeer 17-Sep-17 Homicide
Nehiley, Ryan 23-Nov-18 Homicide
Newcombe, John Fulton 1-Jun-12 Homicide
Newman, Daniel Martin 31-May-08 Homicide
Oliver, Tyrone Layton 20-Jul-00 Homicide
Parks, Judy Geraldine 11-Jul-76 Homicide
Peters, Raymond Floyd 7-Jan-13 Homicide
Petrie, Kevin James 28-Mar-04 Homicide
Peverill, Michael Joseph 19-Jan-99 Homicide
Polegato, Brandon Reginald 7-Feb-21 Homicide
Purcell, Leonette 16-Dec-04 Missing Person
Reader, Jonathan 7-Aug-05 Homicide
Resk, Michael Leo 9-Dec-55 Homicide
Siddle, Shane 12-Dec-94 Homicide
Smith, Jason Andrew 15-Dec-19 Homicide
Smith, Keezondre 26-Mar-22 Homicide
Snelgrove, Donald David 21-Aug-00 Homicide
Sparks, Josiah Kaelin 14-Sep-17 Homicide
Stevenson, Donald Jermaine 16-Oct-10 Homicide
Stone, Gail 20-Nov-98 Homicide
Strickland, Carla Gail 3-Jun-91 Homicide
Tsou, Shenchiu (Andy) 26-Jun-05 Missing Person
Valade, Rachelle 3-Dec-08 Fatal Hit and Run
Walker, Rickey 1-Sep-16 Homicide
Wright, Jerell Aaron 13-May-09 Homicide
Wyatt, Jamie Morey 16-Nov-96 Missing Person