Regional Council and Committee of the Whole Meetings

Regional Council is the main decision-making body for Halifax Regional Municipality. Find out what’s happening at the meetings and learn how you can participate. 

Committee of the Whole consists of the Mayor and all Councillors, and is intended for discussion of a specific topic. Unlike a Regional Council meeting, during Committee of the Whole members may speak on each motion an unlimited number of times. Committee of the Whole meetings are scheduled as required, but normally occur on the same day as a previously scheduled Regional Council meeting. Motions at Committee of the Whole are subject to a vote at Regional Council.   

Meetings are broadcast live on Eastlink Community TV and on Youtube. The only time meetings are not open to the public is when private and confidential information is being discussed in an “in camera” session. 

Regional Council normally meets bi-weekly on select Tuesdays; check the calendar below to see the schedule. Committee of the Whole meetings are scheduled as required. The start time for the meetings varies and is noted on each meeting’s agenda which is available by noon on the Friday prior to the meeting date. Check the meeting agenda to confirm whether the meeting will be held in-person or virtually.

You can find agendas, minutes, and reports online. You can also search for records of Regional Council meetings. 

Council agendas and reports are available by noon on the Friday prior to the meeting date. Archived video is available by the Friday after the meeting. Draft minutes are available shortly after the meeting, and are updated once approved. 

Procedures for Council meetings are found in Administrative Order One. [PDF]