Applying for a Permit

A permit is required for many development projects from a new apartment building to a backyard shed or paving an area of land. These projects may require a Building Permit, or a Development Permit, or both. After you've determined what kinds of projects are permitted on your property, you can apply for a permit online. You can also apply online for a subdivision application

Many projects require you to submit three copies of the site plan and three copies of the project plan prior to building. Requirements vary from project to project, as do fees for the construction permit. The Construction Permits Application Guide provides guidance on required documents and fees.

The Construction Application Form is an application for a Construction Permit for (or addition to) a single unit dwelling or a two unit dwelling.

View the Construction Permit Pre-Application (MICI) Guide for Multi-Unit Residential, Institutional, Commercial and Industrial Projects. 

Where is my property boundary?

If you intend to construct on your property, it is important to know the location of proposed buildings in relation to the property lines. Not knowing your property boundaries could result in mistakes in construction.

Only a registered Land Surveyor can verify, set or relocate a survey marker. If you have any questions about survey markers or surveying, please contact the Association of Nova Scotia Land Surveyors at 902-469-7962.