Urban Forest FAQ

Trees lining Halifax street

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I do if I see a city tree that needs pruning?
HRM is currently working towards a cyclical pruning program that captures all trees in the municipality's service area. In the interim, tree concerns around pruning should be directed to our 311 call centre agents.

2. How do I get a new tree planted on the city property in front of my home?
Should you require a new tree, please contact our 311 call centre. Our agents will forward your request to our Urban Forestry department, who will assess each case individually. 

3. Can I get a tree on HRM property removed?
Tree removal is assessed/handled on a case-by-case basis. Should you spot a tree that you feel should be removed, please contact the 311 call centre. Our agents will forward your concern along for review.

4. Who do I call if I have questions about trees?
Our 311 call centre agents will be able to answer most questions you have relating to trees. Should they be unable to answer, they will forward your question along to the appropriate individual for follow-up.

5. How do I get a stump removed?
Please contact the 311 call centre with all stump removal requests.

6. Why does the city plant trees under power lines?
Although trees may compete for the same space as power lines, if the trees are properly pruned and managed, they pose little risk to power infrastructure. The benefits the urban forest provides to our city far outweigh the minimal risks imposed upon infrastructure, or cost of pruning. 

7. Will the tree in front of my home damage underground infrastructure?

For newly planted trees, underground locates are obtained for each tree planted in the right of way space in order to avoid infrastructure conflict. Tree roots will not damage properly functioning sewer systems or drains. Roots will only enter degrading drains or drains that have been damaged. Once they enter, they can cause the drain to back up. However, it is not the tree itself that has caused the damage, and the roots in the drain are only a symptom of damaged or degrading infrastructure. 

Tree roots are not know to cause damage to water lines.