About Emergency Management

Emergency Management helps plan and coordinate multi-agency/multi-jurisdictional responses and the municipality’s response to emergencies. This includes providing leadership and support to municipal business units and outside agencies in their preparations and readiness for a disaster or large-scale emergency.


About the Emergency Management Office

Everyone has a role to play in making sure we all stay safe in emergencies.

The Halifax Regional Municipality commits major resources to make our public buildings, roads, bridges, and communities safe.

The Emergency Management Division is responsible for supporting communities and critical municipal services during times of emergency and disaster by:

  • leading the initial response
  • preparing emergency plans
  • coordinating and managing emergency planning with first responders
  • facilitating emergency training and exercises with other first responders and municipal staff
  • providing essential services to those impacted by a disaster
  • engaging with multiple emergency management stakeholders from a holistic approach to support overall community safety and wellness before, during and after disasters
  •  maintaining specialized volunteer disaster response Joint Emergency Management teams to deliver comfort centre services during a disaster