HalifACT Community Update

The HalifACT community update provides a snapshot of the municipality's ongoing efforts to advance the goals set out in our long-term climate action plan.

Commitment to climate action means continuing to adapt and prepare for the impacts of climate change while protecting the natural environment and looking for ways to enhance resiliency through green energy.

HalifACT is already taking action by transitioning to electric buses and fleet vehicles, retrofitting municipal buildings for energy efficiency and investing in emergency preparedness, storm water protection and food security. 

Issue 5 | May 2024


  • An update on the plan's overall progress
  • Winners of our third Climate Action Challenge
  • Climate Futures Lab
  • NRCAN funding for EV chargers
  • Greening the JUNOS
  • COP28 in Dubai

Issue 4 | December 2023


  • Foreword on extreme flooding
  • A Call to Climate Action
  • Municipal solar installations 
  • Electrifying the fleet
  • Hosting The JUNOS
  • Resilient retrofits pilot
  • Building to Net Zero Exchange
  • HCi3 supports the equitable transition to clean energy

Issue 3 | August 2023


  • Municipal tree planting
  • Electric vehicle test drives
  • CEO Climate Action Charter
  • Halifax Common Aquatic Facility
  • Foreword by Shannon Miedema on wildfires
  • Green Shores development and climate adaptation



Issue 2 | March 2023


  • Journey to COP27
  • Electric bus test drive in Halifax
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Halifax Bikeway Network pop-up
  • HalifACT & Dalhousie engagement series
  • HalifACT & Halifax Public Libraries engagement series



Issue 1 | November 2022


  • Climate Action Tax
  • Climate Action Challenge
  • Canines for Clean Water
  • Employee E-Bike Pilot Program
  • Municipal facility upgrades
  • Extreme water levels & flood hazard mapping