Litterati App

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Halifax Regional Municipality is excited to launch the Litterati App! Litterati is an interactive tool that allows residents to photograph and tag common pieces of litter that they find within their neighbourhoods and communities.

The data that is collected using the Litterati application will be used to see where litter clean ups are taking place, and track trends in the types of litter we are seeing in the community. This data will also be used to help inform and guide our waste education efforts around reducing litter.

Litterati has many unique features to make cleaning up litter in our communities both fun and impactful, including the ability to create challenges. These clean up challenges are launched and managed by the municipality. Keep an eye on both the Litterati Application and the Halifax Recycles Facebook page to find out when challenges are taking place.

The Litterati application can be downloaded via the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Download the Litterati app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and claim your account
  2. Sign up for an HRM clean up challenge
    • Join code: CLEANHRM or 542071
  3. Clean up & take photos 
  4. Upload your photos via wi-fi when you are done
  5. Tag your photos in the gallery after uploading

CLEANHRM Litterati Challenge

Join the municipality’s ongoing challenge CLEANHRM to collect and document your clean up efforts. This challenge can be found on the Litterati App by searching CLEANHRM.

HRM District Cleanup Challenges

This year, the municipality has launched challenges in each electoral district to see which district’s residents can pick up the most pieces of litter. The challenge for your district can be found on the Litterati App by searching HRM District [your district #] Cleanup (e.g., HRM District 1 Cleanup) or by using the join code: HRM[your district #] (e.g., HRM1). Be one of the top three litter collectors in your district in May 2023 or from April 1, 2023- September 30, 2023, and win a Zero Waste Prize Pack! So, get out there and make Every Litter Bit Count with Litterati!

Additional challenges and Litterati training sessions will be promoted through the Halifax Recycles Facebook page.