Key Performance Indicators (KPI) 2016

The Regional Municipal Planning Strategy is the guiding document for long-term decision making to accomplish the Municipality’s vision for the future. Through the principles and objectives of the Regional Municipal Planning Strategy, the municipality aims to enhance quality of life by fostering the growth of healthy and vibrant communities, a strong and diverse economy, and a sustainable environment.

To measure the success of the Regional Municipal Planning Strategy, the document contains a list of “Key Performance Indicators". For this initiative, the indicators have been refined and revised to ensure relevancy and data availability.

Note: The Key Performance Indicators are a snap shot in time and will only be updated on a bi-yearly basis as information becomes available. The information represented within each Key Performance Indicator will contain current and up to date information including current information Census Canada has recently released for 2016. 

The indicators have been organized into the following themes:

1. Culture and Heritage
2. Economy and Finance
3. Environment
4. Services and Infrastructure
5. Settlement
6. Transportation


Why use Key Performance Indicators?
Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are used to assist in evaluating the effectiveness of policies, programs, and investments in achieving the stated vision and objectives. The information gathered will provide guidance when making decisions on issues such as housing, infrastructure, transportation, environment, and economy.

Benefits of Key Performance Indicators
• Strengthening municipal transparency;
• Ensuring the municipality is resilient and a preferred destination for people, investment, and new ideas through ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the Regional Municipal Planning Strategy; and
• Informing and engaging the public on projects and activities of the municipality and to highlight success and discuss areas which need improvement in the future.

2016 Statistics Canada
The 2016 Statistics Canada census data pertaining to population, age, sex, income and employment, etc has been released.  Go to Statistics Canada website:

Stats Data Release Schedule.


How do you use ESRI Story Maps?
Each Themed Story Map has a number of tabs along the top of the page. Within each of these tabs there are page(s) the user can scroll through using the mouse roller, down arrow or by clicking on the dots on the left side of the panel to advance. As you scroll through the page(s), the text along the left hand side will change as will the content in the mainframe.

Each theme starts off with an introduction tab containing the Regional Plan objectives and a tab on the status of relevant studies, plans, and/or strategies. The remainder of the tabs are the indicator tabs. Within each of the indicator tabs, you will find statements on the indicator, target, and progress followed by a discussion and supporting information. Please note the indicators may change over time as this project moves forward and the municipality discovers better methods, datasets and/or ways to display the information.

Can I download the information or print off the story maps?
No, the Story Map approach is only designed to present and inform the reader on the progress of the Regional Plan indictors.  The software does not enable the information presented to be download or printed. In the next version of the indicators, staff will be investigating how the data within the Story Maps can be placed in the municipality’s Open Data portal for downloading.

How often and when will the app be updated?
The Regional Plan Key Performance Indicators are a snap shot in time. Due to the type, source, and frequency of the data to be collected, the municipality can only support a bi-yearly update of the indicators at this time.However, some datasets will be updated on an even longer timeline, for example Statistics Canada five-year National Household Survey data due to availability and/or resources. 

How can I provide feedback?
The Story Map approach is a new tool for the municipality to engage the public. Once you scroll through the Story Map themes and indicators we would like your feedback on the Regional Plan Key Performance Indicators and presentation approach. Please email us.


The materials found in this application are current to [2016]. It has been created by municipal staff for information purposes only. Though care has been taken to ensure the best possible quality of information, where accuracy is important, please consult official sources or contact the municipal Planning & Development department.